Passion4Moms is for moms of Every age and every stage 

We are committed to impact the mom as a WHOLE PERSON with Jesus at the center because EVERYTHING we do as a mother impacts the next generation. Mothers of every age and every stage, from new moms to grandmothers, benefit from our ministry.


Vision Statement:  Equipping Moms to Impact the Next Generation

Mission Statement: Share the Gospel. Equip Moms. Make Disciples.

Passion4Moms is committed to raising a generation of World Changers. Our annual conferences and on-going resources provide practical tools for success as we impact the next generation. Our vision is to see that you are successful in all aspects of your life. You have the most important job in the world! You are impacting and influencing the next generation and generations to come.  You are raising world changers! 

Passion4Moms is committed to impact the mom as a WHOLE PERSON with Jesus at the center because EVERYTHING we do as a mother impacts the next generation. We equip and train moms with practical tools for success as they raise up world changers and embrace their purpose which is to know God, make Him known, and bring Him glory. 



Motherhood lays the foundation for the future as we raise up world changers. Passion4Moms embraces the truth that God has given the authority of parenting to the parents. Marriage is the first covenant that God created and the fruit of that marriage covenant is children. The family matters to God, and therefore, matters to us. We desire to come alongside every mother and bless and honor them because the work we do as a mother impacts the next generation and the world around us. 


Motherhood has eternal significance.  Passion4Moms is passionate about inspiring mothers to aspire to approach each day as a mother with an eternal perspective.  Our desire is to inspire mothers to be intentional to raise a generation who can live out their faith in culture from a Biblical Worldview. We believe that by embracing and owning our God-given role as a mother we can raise world changers that impact the world for Jesus Christ. 


Motherhood is hard work because it is HEART work. Passion4Moms is passionate about encouraging women in their role as a mother recognizing that being a mother is the most important job we have. As iron sharpens iron, we create an atmosphere of grace and truth based on the Word of God. We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and cheer loudly for one another to walk in faith and obedience. 

You are a Difference-Maker.
You are a World Changer.
You are a Mom!