Chimene Shipley Dupler offers 1:1 Coaching & Consultation to see you reach all your life goals and potential.

With over 25 years of experience and a degree in Child & Family Studies, Chimene has successfully been able to see women reach their full potential. Chimene leads with servant leadership and over 40 years of walking with Jesus. With a Gospel-centered approach, making Jesus the center of the relationship, she will provide you with practical tools for success in your homes, marriage, and parenting. Chimene is a front-runner and leader in providing tools for parenting the Smartphone Generation as we are the first generation to address theses topics that are impacting the next generation.

Chimene is an author, speaker, leader, and champion for women in their roles as a wife and mother. Her mission to equip moms to impact the next generation is easily seen as she challenges women to do life with excellence. Chimene is the Founder, and President/CEO of Passion4Moms ministry.

Chimene and her husband Todd have been married for over 21 years and have 3 teenage daughters. From her first-hand years of experience as a wife and mother to her professional and educational expertise, Chimene will personalize a coaching or consulting relationship that will provide you with the tools for success as you reach your life goals.

Life is short. Potential is unlimited. Influence is great. Family is a beautiful covenant God gave us as a picture of the redemptive story of Christ and the Church.

Marriage: Your marriage tells a story. Your marriage can thrive as you live out the the redemptive story of grace and forgiveness.
Parenting: You are a Difference-Maker. You are raising World Changers. You are a MOM!
Teens: The teen years can be Fabulous and Fun! You are impacting the Next Generation.
Technology: Parenting the Smartphone Generation. Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Narcissism, and a lack of empathy are on the rise. Technology is not the problem, but rather a tool that requires boundaries, discipline, and wisdom.
Identity: You are created in the image of Almighty God. We can walk in the confidence of WHO and WHOSE we are in Christ.
Depression/Anxiety: God calls us to renew our mind daily. We have authority in the name of Jesus to walk in victory.

Chimene has spoken and written lectures for pastors and parents on the topic of Parenting the Smartphone Generation providing statistics and the impact technology/social media is having on our mental health, social skills, resilience, and society overall. While statistics continue to rise with anxiety/depression and other mental health challenges linked to technology, identity is one of the number one struggles among teens and adults alike. Chimene has a plethora of resources Biblically based on understanding our identity and Who and Whose we are in Christ.

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What is the difference between

coaching & consulting?

Consulting is sharing expertise and professional advise. Consulting provides a lot more instruction versus guidance. In consulting, the focus is primarily on the problem at hand or specific goals trying to be achieved. In this relationship, consultants offer best practices to address a specific problem or reach specific goals. 

Coaching is coming alongside providing guidance. A coach is more of a “cheerleader” role asking a lot of questions allowing the client to discover the answers for themself. In coaching, a good coach will help their client find the solutions and guide them as they are discovering answers to be successful and taking the next step. In this relationship, a coach is more focused on the client and helping them solve problems, face challenges, or reach the next goal.