God is our Pursuer

Fill in your child/children’s name in the blank space

  • Thank You Father that You have put boundaries around ________, and that there is nowhere they can go to escape from Your Presence. Thank You that they cannot hide from You. Please pursue _______ all of their days, and may they have eyes to see You in every situation and stage of their lives and respond to You with love and obedience. (Psalms139:5-12)

  • Thank You that Jesus, You came to seek and save the lost. Pursue ______, may they ask You into their lives as their personal Lord and Savior, if they have not already. Anytime ______ may feel lost, or off Your path, pursue them and draw them back to You! (Luke 19:10)

  • Thank You Father that You rejoice before the angels over sinners who repent. May _______ have Your heart towards people, and joyfully pursue sharing Your truth with the lost. (Luke 15:10)

  • Thank You that You seek _______ to worship You in Spirit and in truth; may _______ respond to You with the heart and mind of a true worshiper. (John 4:23)

  • May _______ always respond to Your pursuant love and love You foremost in their life. (1John 4:19)

  • May Your goodness and mercy follow ________ all of the days of their life. (Psalms 23:6)