*Fill in your child/children’s name in the blank space

  • Based on Deuteronomy 33:27- Eternal God, be _______’s refuge, as Your Word promises. May ______ know that underneath them, holding them up are Your everlasting arms!

  • Based on Psalms 61:2- Father, when ______’s heart is overwhelmed and situations seem insurmountable, lead them to You. Protect _______ from seeking relief in counterfeit solutions; may they come to You for refuge and counsel, where we trust You will be faithful.

  • Based on Psalms 62:8- May ________’s trust in You be unwavering. May they trust in You at all times and in every circumstance, and strengthen _______’s prayer life. May they pour out their heart in prayer before You.

  • Based on Psalms 62:1- Give _______ the strength, confidence and forbearance to wait upon You when You call them to wait in faith.

  • Based on Hebrews 6:19- May _______ ‘s hope in You be sure and steadfast and anchor their soul in this everchanging world.

  • Based on Psalms 62:2- Be _______’s rock and salvation; their defense, and may they be so rooted in You, they are never greatly moved.

  • Based on Psalms 46:1- Lord, be a very present help to ________ in times of trouble.