God is our Rock

*Fill in your child/children’s name in the blank space

  • May _______ remember that You are their Rock, in which they should put their trust, the most high God, their Redeemer. (Psalms 78:35)

  • Direct ______ to call out to You in prayer, listen and be attentive to them, and deliver them quickly. Be _____’s Rock of refuge, a fortress of defense to save them. (Psalms 31:2)

  • Lead ______ and guide them, for Your name’s sake, great Father! (Psalms 31:3)

  • Deliver ______ from the things that would entrap them, set their feet on Your unshakeable path, and establish the steps of their life. (Psalms 40:2)

  • May You be ______’s Rock, Fortress, and Deliverer. Heavenly Father, be their strength, in whom they trust, their shield, the horn of their salvation, and their stronghold. (Psalms 18:2)

  • Like You provided water from a rock in the wilderness for the Children of Israel, provide for _______ in unusual ways, so that You receive all glory and honor. (Psalms 78:16,20)

  • I ask that ______ would love Your Word, that it would be light and life to them, and that ______ would be a hearer and doer of Your Word. May they, like the wise man who built his house on the rock, build their life upon the truth of Your Word. (Matthew 7:24-25)