*Fill in your child/children’s name in the blank space

  • Based on Psalms 18:2- Be the firmest, surest part of ______’s life. May _______ trust You to be their fortress, deliverer, & strength in all situations. May ______ trust You to the uttermost and always come to You first.

  • Based on Psalms 20:7- Although most will trust in the “horse” or “chariot” of their day, help _______ to always remember the name of the Lord their God and trust in You alone!

  • Based on Psalms 31:1- Never let ________ be ashamed as they put their trust in You. Deliver ______ from temptation, folly, slander, ridicule, and every evil thing according to Your righteousness.

  • Based on Psalms 37:3- Help _______ to trust in You, no matter what their sight or circumstances tell them. Work through _______’s life to do good. May they dwell in the land where you lead them, and may ________ feed on Your faithfulness all of their days.

  • Based on Psalms 40:4- May ______ be blessed because they make You, the Lord, their trust. May ________ not respect the proud, or turn aside to lies.

  • Based on Psalms 118:8-9- May trust for You in _______’s life supersede any confidence in man, as You are always Faithful and never disappoint. Help them to never confuse disappointment with men as disappointment with You.

  • Based on Proverbs 3:5-6- We ask that ______ would trust in You with all of their heart, not withholding any part, may _______ not lean on their limited understanding, but in all of _______’s thoughts, words, and deeds, may they acknowledge You, and please direct ______’s path, every part.