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Chimene Shipley Dupler has become a regular guest with our friends over at WGTS91.9 and WAVA105.1.  She has been referred to as the "mom expert" and routinely offers advise and practical tools for success to moms across the DC Metro area.

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Embracing the new year

Kevin welcomed back to the show Chimene Dupler, founder of Passion for Moms. She encouraged mothers to put “self-care” on the agenda for 2018.

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Preparing our kids to launch

It’s that time of the year again when many of us are getting ready to send our kids back to school… maybe some even to college!! My nephew went off to college as a freshman recently, and the realization that my own son is not far behind hit me hard. Where has the time gone? (I know, terribly cliché), but I realized I am no where near ready for this... yes, mostly me. 

Chimene Dupler joined me recently on Middays to share some insight on helping us and our kids get ready, even if it may be years away.

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Spring cleaning

Becky, from Middays, welcomed Chimene back to the studio to offer some wisdom and insight for moms.  

Chimene Dupler encourages us by offering practical tools for success such as creating boundaries and sharing the load of family chores and activities. 

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The high calling of motherhood

Kevin Kruegerr speaks with Chimene Dupler, President and CEO of Passion4Moms and author of "The High Calling of Motherhood." 

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Made to thrive, not just survive

Chimene is featured on the Don Kroah Show on WAVA105.1 with guest host Pastor Brian Bales.  Chimene pinpoints the pulse of parenting today as being "distracted."

Chimene encourages listeners that we were made to thrive, not just survive in our role as parents.  


Parenting the smartphone generation

Chimene sits down with Pastor Brian Bales on the Don Kroah Show, WAVA105.1, to provide practical tools for success in parenting the Smartphone Generation. 

Chimene encourages parents to communicate, set boundaries, and stay informed. 

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Creating a game plan for parenting

Guest host, Pastor Brian Bales, sits down with Chimene to discuss the importance of our children finding their identity in who God says they are. 

Our children are a gift from God and having a game plan, being intentional in the process, allows us to be successful in our parenting.

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Teaching our children the word of god

Chimene sits down with Pastor Brian Bales on the Don Kroah Show talking about the importance of our children knowing the Word of God. Chimene says, "If you can talk, you can memorize Scripture." But in order to teach our children the Word of God, we as parents must know what the Bible says. 

Our families have the opportunity to impact the world around us and share the redemptive story of Jesus to a lost and dying world. 

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Passion4Moms conference 2018

WAVA105.1 invites Chimene to sit down with guest host, Pastor Brian Bales, on the Don Kroah Show. Chimene shares with listeners about the details for the upcoming Passion4Moms Conference 2018.